Interior Design Styles for Your Home

There are different styles of home design. The challenge a lot of people come across is lack of knowledge to explain their specific interior design styles. With plenty of design styles, it might be discouraging to figure out the kind of style that will work out for you.

Some people also like mixing various types of design styles to come up with their required look. To have a great interior design style, you have to learn a lot about the multiple styles and get to know differences of each. Here, we have listed different types of interior designs.

Traditional Design

example of a traditional interior designThese are designs that provide classic details, elegant furnishings, and plenty of accessories. Traditional designs mostly contain a dark, finished wood, quality color palettes, and a lot of curved lines and textures.

These furnishings include beautiful details and fabrics such as silk and velvet. It also has different categories of textures and pattern. It’s a kind of design that has layering, depth, and dimensionality.

Modern Design

It’s a design that mainly refers to a house with clean, mild color palette, firm lines and use of materials which have steel, metal, and glass. It’s a design that involves a sense of monotony in each element and furniture too. Modern design does not include a lot of accessories or clutter.

Transitional Design

Transitional is a familiar design since it imitates  both modern and traditional characteristics to have its own style.Its sense of balance is both fascinating and unexpected too. It can involve advanced materials as well such as glass and steel, which are then combined using plush furnishings.

The transitional design also has neutral color palettes, producing a relaxed and calming space and bringing a stylish, warm and inviting feeling.

French Country Design

Compassionate, feasible colors are expressive of French design because they are used in attractive wooden furnishings. The model contains an inspiring farmhouse. It involves very soft and warm tones of yellow, red or both gold and also simple materials such as brick and stone. This design may contain a collection of high linens and bed coverings.

Coastal Design

It’s a style that evolves from the beachside area. Most common features are airy palettes with lovely shades attached with greens and blues as well as good lighting. Mostly, furnishings are beige or white. More so, the rooms here have some elements of wood, and also the accessories are motivated mainly by the sea.

It also includes standard features like pillows with white striped design, big windows, white sofas and white painted wood. The main reason is to come up with a comfortable, breathtaking place where the beach and ocean will be the primary source of inspiration.